STINE By Pat Garcia
WIPpet Wednesday, February 24, 2016

WIPpet Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WIPpet Wednesday


    1.     What am I reading?

Still reading Too Heavy A Burden and Shifting. – These two are non-fiction and I am taking it slowly with both.

Started reading Betting the Bad Boy by Sugar Jamison

  1. What have I finished reading?

The entire ten books from the Berger & Mitry Series by David Handler. I’ll post a book review for each book once a week on my book review blogs.

            Finished The Bad Boy CEO by Sugar Jamison.  (I believe this is series about three brothers. This was the first and the second one I am reading and it is listed above.)

  1. What I will read next?

            Dark Alpha Embrace by Donna Grant.

My WIPpet finishes out my chapter 1.

The math is 2 + 17 – 2 + 0 + 16 = 33 sentences

Tammy leaves Daniel’s office with him promising that he would talk to her about what’s going on in his life soon. His last sentence to her last week is included below in my WIPpet.



"Promise. Just give me time to figure it all out."

When Tammy left, Maria buzzed him once again.

"Yes, Maria?"

"Ms. Ward is on her way up."

"Well, it's about time. Please give Kirk a call and ask him what time the concert is he's wrangled me into attending and Maria, stop discussing what happens in this office with Tammy, Okay?"

" Sorry about that. She was standing behind me while I was talking to you and she heard everything because the loudspeaker was on.”

“Sorry. I’m a little jittery this morning. I didn’t mean to shout.”

“It’s okay, Boss. I’ll give Kirk a call and get back to you. By the way, an assistant from a Ms. Lewis from the Social Welfare Office called and asked if it is possible to delay your meeting until tomorrow because Ms. Lewis is out sick today."

"Give her a call her and let her know that’s okay with me. I'll be there tomorrow at the same time agreed upon," Daniel said.

"Ms. Ward just walked," Maria said.

"Send her in.

Phoebe entered Daniel's office prepared to apologize for being late before she could open her mouth; her boss shot her a question.

"Ms. Ward, do you have a watch or clock at home?"

"I'm sorry I'm late, but I needed to clear up some things before I left home."

"Were they more important than your appointment with me?"

"Yes, they were," Phoebe said, riled at the tone he was using.

"Then, I suggest you let those things give you a job."

Phoebe stared at the man sitting behind his desk. Since he had taken over, he had been pushing her.

"Mr. Cochran, I was trying to be honest with you.”

How can I tell you that the quad 3 tried to leave food for the dog and ended up knocking the ten-pound bag of dry dog food all over the kitchen floor a few minutes before we departed the house?


"Of course, I took my appointment with you seriously."

"Then, why weren't you here?"

"Good question."

"Come up with an answer by tomorrow at 8 a.m. Good day, Ms. Ward."


That's it. Wishing all of you WIPpeeters a great week.